Dominate Google Top Ranking with Our Professional SEO Service

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Are you afraid of PANDA or PENGUIN or any Google Update? TIME to Defeat Google Now

We knew you had it in you. we knew you were the leader, a revolutioner! No more time to waste, use the powerful and very unique service to your advantage.

We bring to you a totally safe and working SEO service. Get a UNIQUE and Best Quality Service only HERE.

Try our ultimate SEO formula to speed boost your ranking. This exclusive SEO Link Building Package is a new strategy out there, which I have designed to help improve the rank placement of your website in all search engines.

Thou the traditional ways of doing SEO aren’t bad but without a doubt, they are not enough.

This kind of service with high quality backlinks will get you greater results.


These are features of this service:

1ST STEP: I WILL RUN A COMPLETE WEBSITE ANALYSIS.This include 11-12 Page reports

2nd Step: 400-800-words SE0 fully optimized High quality articles written by

our in-house professionals with over 4 years experience in SEO article writ‑

ing. This article would be converted to PDF and package like a small

ebook. This articles is to rank your site and may not be fully related to

your keywords in some cases.

3rd Step:


Web 2.0

Social Bookmarks

Blog Post

Natural mix of no and dofollow, anchored and brand links

FREE unique content

2nd tier backliinks for better indexation

Detailed report

4th Step: You will get 1 PR9, 3 PR8, 2 PR7 and 3 PR6 and other PR mixture of do-follow and no-follow BACKLINKS altogether from HIGHLY re­spected professional websites on the Internet’You will get a complete report of all links”


What keywords should I choose?

This is entirely up to you, all we ask is that they’re closely related to the page(s) you’re targeting, this will help greatly with your rankings. You can give us up to 5 keywords to build links with, the fewer keywords you give us the better each

keyword will perform, so if you have some competitive keywords you may only want to provide us with 1-3 keywords. We’ll only build a maximum 25% of our links using your money keywords, the rest will be using variations of your raw URL, brand name, non-commercial LSI and generic anchor text. We’ve created our own random anchor text generator to

spit out over 1000 different anchor text to use with each campaign, so you’ll get plenty of natural variation in your link profile which is very important nowadays after penguin 2.0, the majority of your links need to be using non-commercial

anchor text to prevent any over optimization issues.

If needed we can help you choose the best keywords plus we’ll give you tips on what to change on your website to achieve the best results.


Will all the backlinks show up

Post panda/penguin backlinks can take months to show up and even then no software will show all your backlinks, none the less you will see some of our links show up within 15 days after delivery of ordering.

Will I get a report of the backlinks built?

Absolutely YES




**MUST READ** – Conditions of Guarantee:

All sites are welcome, however your site must not have been penalized by google. We dont guarantee 1st page, Our guarantee is base on our previous buyer. our ranking method is safe and you will surly see improvement in your SREPS

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